List of projects

Based on Linux on LiteX with a 64-bit RocketChip CPU on Github, build an SoC using liteX and RocketChip on Xilinx FPGA board Arty A7-100T and run 64-bit Linux. aim.

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This demonstration shows a capacity of PSU (Power Supply Unit) for manage power for Marmot System by using Solar panel and battery. By monitor voltage on the Solar and Battery, PSU can decide resource of power supply will be use. In the case good sunshine, PSU use power from Solar to (1) Keep the system work as normal (2) Can charge for battery. Otherwise PSU can use power from battery.

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We are preparing an IoT Lora evaluation system standard platform for customers who are considering building a system using LoRa on a relatively small scale

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Are you looking for a good evaluation board for QNX?
Using our BSP package, you can use your Raspberry Pi 2 board to evaluate QNX.

For beginners, please choose a package with Network.
You can use QNX Momentics IDE to create your own application, then try to run it on Raspberry Pi 2.

In addition, by using the Multi Interface package, you can use not only Network but also I2C, SPI and GPIO driver to connect to various sensors.
With a Network driver, you can create your own IoT gadget!

Here is our IoT demo with QNX running on Raspberry Pi 2.