Open Source Tools, Software, FPGA, Security

SHC is a group of platform engineers, mainly software designers based on open source technology, and also chip designers. A wide range of development functions such as instruction specifications (ISA), language tools, accelerators, development environment, OS internal implementation, hardware design including board, circuits, numerical operations, interfaces, etc. are condensed into a small team. With a wide range of field knowledge and design procedures, we have the ability to create target products. It is an FPGA board made with the tool Kicad.


Utilizing open source technology, we design part of the specification logic of FPGA, board, and chip. In particular, we are focusing on system applications for sensors and actuators. The following is a BLDC motor drive package demo developed using a proprietary processor IP, FPGA, and third-party inverter board.


SHC also participates in architecture federation activities through open source hardware. It is a Swiss-based RISC-V Foundation member company and a member of the RISC-V Foundation. He is a founding member of the California-based Open Processor Foundation. We will continue to promote these technologies in cooperation with other consortium members. In recent years, we have been developing RISC-V security related software.

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