SHC is a global company with offices in three locations around the world, San Francisco, Tokyo and Ho Chi Minh City, and is engaged in product, engineering and service operations at each location. Japan, Vietnam, and US corporations are each contributing. We strive to create an organization that reflects the diverse ideas of employees in Vietnam, Japan, and the United States in our activities, and has the strength to make swift movements based on individual judgment.

The SH Consulting Group (SHC) was established in May 2013. The 7th anniversary of May 8, 2019 can be safely reached. Thanks to the ideas and abilities of our customers, partners and employees, we have improved our business performance from 2013 to 2014, 15 years, 16 years, 17 years, 18 years and 19 years and completed the 7th year. No business can afford to live in pursuit of profit, and it is necessary to have a good cause for society. It is essential to work for the purpose of returning social benefits. As SHC customers and partners do, I think it is necessary for SHC itself to develop unique products, intellectual property, services, etc., and contribute to customers, partners, and society.

In order to meet customer requirements with its own philosophy, technical processes, programming styles, development infrastructures, and documentation standards with respectable engineers, SHC must also strive to achieve its high ideals. Is done. I want to overcome all challenges and move forward without fear of difficult things.

Thank you to all the customers, partners and stakeholders who have helped us to reach this point.

I would like to take this as a greeting.

May 2019

Shumpei Kawasaki